• This CD contains a unique and powerful sequence of Pranayama Yoga Breathing Exercises which calms the mind and controls emotions such as Nervousness, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Quick Temper and Depression.
  • A 25 minute Creative Visualization Relaxation Exercise taken from Get Your Life Back

Launched on August 15th 2016 - Mary’s new CD


This new recording contains 3 of Mary’s Relaxations found in Get Your Life Back:

  • Yoga Nidra (The Mindfulness Body Scan)
  • Soft Muscle Relaxation
  • A Guided Visualization for Depression

"Anxiety, stress and depression are serious problems experienced by most of us at various points in our lives. Get Your Life Back offers a serious yet compassionate self-help approach towards overcoming these difficulties and developing resilience in the longer term. Both the structure and content are easy to grasp and highly informative. Each section provides clear and current information on the psychosocial factors and processes inherent in giving rise to and maintaining emotional difficulties then goes on to explore and direct the reader in a range of cognitive, behavioural and physical strategies to help regain control and promote well-being. At the end of each section there is a very useful summary covering the main messages and strategies contained within the section.
 Accordingly, I would highly recommend this book.

Dr Andrew Papadopoulos

Consultant Clinical Psychologist